Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This won't be a fancy post, as I'm a little distracted... I've been listening to a website I just came across called Pandora. It's a music site that lets you start your own radio stations by seeding it with a song or an artist. For example I've got a Pink Floyd station, a Kate Bush station, a Christmas station, a Marty Robins Station and my Kids sent me a Cake station.

Pandora takes the seed song or band and creates an entire station with similar music form artists that your familiar with and others that you might not be so familiar with. Either way We are loving it!

If you join and get a user name, shoot me a comment and I'll send you a couple of the stations I've mentioned above.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I've got a paper to write so naturally I can think of about a thousand things to do instead. I've been drawing some of our guest lecturers in class and thought I would turn my new found distraction on my family. My brother and his family recently came out for a visit and we have a few of his picture on my computer still, so since our boys had such a great time together during this last trip, I thought I would commit them to pencil.