Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Blue is Gone... RIP

Back in 2004 I bought a truck, for the first time in my life I decided that I would get the truck I wanted, it had the big motor, the right color, matching camper shell, seating for six, it had everything I needed and everything I wanted ... it was a nice truck! But as we were using it to move back from the East coast we ran into a little trouble; as I sat sleeping in the passenger seat, the PA turnpike collaborated with two semi trucks to drive Big Blue into the cement median in the middle of the Turnpike. Thank God no one was hurt, the truck absorbed all of the impact my Mom (the driver), myself, and two dogs in the truck were not injured at all. So far the only damage we have noticed to the content of the truck was one broken glass in the back.

The truck on the other hand was a complete loss. Even though the cosmetic damage was repairable and the engine still ran, the impact bent the frame of the truck making it to expensive to repair. I'll miss having an all purpose vehicle capable of hauling kids, bicycles, dogs, and people in relative comfort without any reconfiguration. Our next car will most likely be much more fuel efficient and not nearly so useful.

Rest in Peace Big Blue, and may your salvaged parts keep 100 trucks working hard in southwestern Pennsylvania for years to come.

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Sunset over Iowa

Being from Southern California I've seen many incredible sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, but reciently we had the opportunity to drive across the U.S. on Interstate 80 and at about 9:30 pm was greeted by this sunset... Amazing
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